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Currently the SWACI services are migrated to the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC). This may cause downtimes of several products or parts of this webpage. To get latest news and product updates please visit impc.dlr.de!

Data management, archiving and distribution

For the management of SWACI data the Data and Information Management System (DIMS) of German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) is used.
DIMS provides a single integrated solution that is flexible enough to be adapted to nearly any conceivable data management scenario. It is designed as a facility that provides the core components to support the tasks required to handle earth observation data of multiple missions. Beyond data storage and processing, uses for DIMS are foreseen in numerical data processing, forecasting and similar application areas.
Highly scalable and flexible, DIMS provides a sustainable solution that supports all the basic workflows of digital data management like production management, cataloguing, long-term archiving, WWW user access, ordering and on-line/off-line delivery by means of a set of comprehensive services including WWW user information services (with on-line delivery), off-line delivery, post-processing, data product inventory and archiving, ordering control and production control. GIS user services will be available in the near future. A cornerstone of the system is a highly scalable product library which is the source of processing input and the destination of the processing output. It provides a complete and consistent reference to all data products.

DIMS Domains (Processing, Product and Order Management, User Services).

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