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Currently the SWACI services are migrated to the Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC). This may cause downtimes of several products or parts of this webpage. To get latest news and product updates please visit impc.dlr.de!

International activities

Several worldwide activities related to space weather are currently carried out. For example in Germany, Europe and USA, several space weather centres do research, provide service, participate in related commercial and technological applications.
The Space Environment Center in Boulder, ESA and the COST action 724 are carrying out international space weather activities. Further international space weather activities - for instance in Australia and Japan are planned as well.
In Germany space weather related activities are carried out by DLR/IKN Neustrelitz (space weather and ionosphere), by GFZ Potsdam (Champ satellite), IAP Kühlungsborn (space weather and atmosphere) and by the University of Greifswald/Institute of Physics/Space Weather Observatory (space weather reports and real time observation of plasma clouds by means of the MuSTAnG telescope).

Operators at the NOAA Space Environment Centre constantly monitor the space weather conditions producing regular forecasts and warnings of extreme events.
Source: SEC Boulder